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The Brewery

Built in 1947 and operated as a wholesale produce company, the brewery building just turned 70 years old. There is a large basement the original produce company utilized, containing five cold rooms with foot-thick insulated doors and portholes that can be opened and closed to allow cold air to circulate selectively. At the time, the back canopy and unloading dock extended out nearly twice as far, and trucks would back up to the rear of the building to unload crates of produce. These were then conveyored down to the basement on the Floor-Veyor, which is still in its original working condition.

The produce company likely closed in the 1970’s or 80’s, and the property passed through a number of hands and uses. The building was purchased by the current owners in 2006 and has been brought back to a similar albeit even better use and is ideal for brewing, storing, barrel-aging, and serving beer!


521 Clay Street
(830) 955-5073